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Upon first glance, this soft friend may look like an inert cube of jelly, but its face has a hungry determination.


That being said, the Gelatinous Cube will make a great friend as long as you keep it fed—maybe throw it an adventurer or two as a snack every once in a while! If you look closely, some bits and bobs are already floating around inside this adorable cube of jelly; don’t mind the glow-in-the-dark bones and various belongings of adventurers long gone!


This interactive plush stands at 8 inches and has an opening on the back panel to allow you to remove or add items as you see fit.


Included inside this plush on purchase are a few equally adorable plush accessories: a skull, 3 bones, a sword, and a shield!


This cute gelatinous cube companion is made from the softest premium materials and lots of love. 

Gelatinous Cube 8" Glow in the Dark Interactive Phunny Plush

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