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Hello! We are TableMinis! A Dungeons & Dragons and Tabletop Role-Playing Studio and Store.

We started in 2017 to serve local Dungeon Masters, operating solely on Carousell at the beginning, and developed a small following.


Dealing with people who were just as passionate as we were, we found the courage to dream of starting a small studio. We made up plans to create this studio space, but Covid-19 hit our nation hard.


We adjusted and hunkered down like everyone else. That gave us time to rethink - how we would want to grow this business in this new climate.

In the midst of all of that, we created strong bonds and friendships with people in the community.


With all their support (you guys know who you all are, thanks so much!) we started putting together the building blocks of a studio that will not only delight but surprise all with fascinating content, the highest level of Game-Mastering, and a level of compassion rare to any industry.

We all know that is a big statement and we all feel the pressure to achieve it. We will need all the help we can get, and we are also humble enough to know it will take time to get there.


So please be patient with us, we do really well with encouragement and support.

Lastly, underneath the veneer of what we are trying to achieve - this team is just a bunch of people like you, who love Tabletop Role-Playing Games.


We love building stories together and as friends, we love to escape to new worlds and have new adventures.


That is the foundation of what we are building here at TableMinis.

A comfortable and inclusive home, for all who want to play.

Enjoy your day, we hope to see you soon. Come and play.

- Dennet Krishnan, Founder & Lore Keeper.




Dennet Krishnan

Founder / Managing Director / 
Dungeon Master

Dennet is the driving force behind TableMinis, spearheading everything from business development to brand creation with unmatched vision and determination.


With his finger on the pulse of the gaming industry, Dennet leads TableMinis into uncharted territories, blending his business acumen with his passion for D&D to create a gaming experience like no other.


As a Dungeon Master, he weaves spellbinding tales that transport players to realms of wonder and adventure, embodying the spirit of tabletop gaming at its finest.


Felix Tan

Events & Administrative Master /
Dungeon Master

Behind the scenes, Felix keeps TableMinis running smoothly, handling logistics with precision and efficiency.


With a passion for organisation matched only by his love for D&D, Felix ensures that every event is a success.


As a Dungeon Master, his creativity knows no bounds, crafting thrilling adventures that keep players coming back for more.​

photo_2024-03-19_15-17-51 (2).jpg

Jodie Yeo

Founder / Community, Marketing
& Studio Manager

Jodie is the heart of TableMinis, bringing people together and spreading the word about our love for D&D.

From managing TableMinis' social presence, to fostering a welcoming community,
Jodie's warmth and dedication to inclusivity makes TableMinis feel like home for gamers of all stripes.



Game Masters (GM) Manager /
Principal Dungeon Master

Mellow is the creative force behind TableMinis, bringing his improvisational skills to every game, keeping players engaged and entertained until the very end.


As the GM Manager and Principal Dungeon Master, Mellow nurtures and guides our team of Dungeon Masters, sharing wisdom and encouragement to help them hone their skills, ensuring that every game at TableMinis is a masterpiece in the making.


Farez Najid

Founder / Business Development
& Outreach / Dungeon Master

Farez is the soul of TableMinis, forging partnerships and expanding our reach within the gaming community.

With a deep understanding of game mechanics and a flair for drama, Farez crafts immersive narratives that blur the line between fantasy and reality, keeping his players hooked with his imaginative storytelling.

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