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Get Started with 3D Printing in Singapore with Small Pipi Minis

From Tabletop players to Dungeon Masters, TTRPG fans use plenty of miniatures models to spruce up their game and get more invested in the storytelling. 

Whether you are a Game Master looking for the perfect terrain for an epic showdown or a player part of a long DnD campaign, a miniature can set the scene and elevate a TTRPG session.

Yet sometimes, finding that perfect miniature can be tough, and sometimes, even with the right miniature, something about the miniature may be off. 

Perhaps the mini’s weapon is wrong, or the owlbear looks too menacing for a child-friendly campaign? In these cases, 3D printing miniatures can be a way to get that perfect piece you need!

Here are some of the 3D printing services in Singapore the Small Pipi Minis team offers:

dungeons and dragons characters 3d printed

For Players

The miniatures in DnD’s “Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures” line can be pretty limited: How could they not have an option for gnomish knights carrying a spear and shield?! Seems like an oversight from the people in charge of deciding the miniature line-up.

All jokes aside, sometimes it can feel impossible to find the perfect miniature for our characters, especially so for those with niche… details. From Catfolk Rogues to Angelic Paladins, the Small Pipi Mini’s catalogue is filled with awesome minis for both heroes and their companions that you can check out here.

If you have the STL file of a miniature model, SPM can help 3D print the model and prepare it for your next session! Whether you’d like it painted or pre-primed, SPM can help you get the miniature you need ready in no time!

dungeons and dragons terrain 3d printed

For Dungeon Masters

Have an epic showdown with your unique BBEG prepared, but just can’t find a good miniature to represent them? Are your players always coming back to a tavern? (or worse, own one), and you need something to show for it? Have a random NPC that your players always come back to and even recruited to the party?

With SPM’s collection of terrain pieces, buildings and NPCs, game masters can find a wide range of monsters, backgrounds and props available for printing and painting. So whether you’re looking to expand your BBEG options or just making props for your next investigation session, you can check out SPM’s collection over here

dungeons and dragons monsters 3d printed

For tabletop gamers

Have you picked up an STL file for a board game insert and need it printed? Or have a design in mind but don’t have enough experience to put that in a digital file? SPM offers quality 3D prints to bring your digital blueprints to life! 

While SPM is looking to expand the collection of tabletop game products and accessories, SPM can provide 3D printing services for STL files of packing inserts for your board games or card holders for your TCG needs. 

Makersuite products

If you’re looking to get into 3D printing yourself, or are looking for 3D printing materials, look no further! As part of the local makerspace, SPM will be happy to bring you through the basics and guide you with getting your first 3D printer. 

Additionally, SPM provides filament, resin, and other accessories from Makersuite, so your journey is in safe hands with us.

small pipi miniatures 3d print and paint service in Singapore

Get started on upgrading your Tabletop Gaming experience with us: Check out Small Pipi Minis’ ever-expanding collection, and contact SPM at for any special requests. 


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