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Building your D&D character with HeroForge: 4 Steps to Designing and 3D Printing Your D&D Mini

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If you've been playing Dungeons & Dragons for a while and want to 3D print your own miniatures, chances are you're going to check out HeroForge. Miniatures are cool, especially ones that are custom-made to your character.

In this article, we're going to look at how to use HeroForge to create custom 28mm miniatures for D&D or any other tabletop RPG. This is a ton of fun and only takes about ten minutes.

What is HeroForge?

HeroForge is a website that allows you to design your own custom miniature for use in Dungeons & Dragons. It's a great way to customise your favourite character from scratch.

Step 1: Choose your character and customise it

There are thousands of options available, including weapons, clothing, armour and even accessories like hats or footwear.

Start by selecting your species. Is your character going to be an Elf? A Dwarf? A Goblin?

Next, pick your head, body, gear and other accessories. Customise your character's appearance by adjusting features like piercings, facial features, eyewear and more.

If you're playing a ranger, get your miniature to hold a bow or a crossbow in one hand (or both).

Playing a wizard or sorcerer? Consider having them hold a spellbook or staff in one hand.

Going in your D&D game as a fighter, rogue or barbarian? Have them wield a two-handed weapon such as an axe or sword!

Step 2: Select a pose

Once you're good with how your character looks, select a pose. Choose from dozens of options – show off their special move or fancy footwork!

Step 3: Get the STL file

Click on 'Buy', choose 'STL Download' and 'Add to Cart'.

HeroForge will prompt you to create a HeroForge account, just follow the steps and once you're done, you'll be taken to the checkout screen. STL file from HeroForge will cost you USD$7.99.

Once you've entered your payment information and clicked 'Pay Now', you'll see a confirmation message on the website.

The STL file for your character model will be sent to the email address you provided.

Step 4: Send your STL file to us to quote & print

It's time to send it to us so we can 3D print it! Submit your STL file to us at or WhatsApp it to us at 8884 0350.

After we receive it, we'll review the model and get back to you with a price estimate.

If everything looks good, we'll send you an invoice and start printing!

BONUS: Get your minis painted too!

Get your printed minis commission painted by us or try painting your own at TableMinis' new crafting space (TableMinis Crafters' Hideout)!

Commission us to paint your minis

As a commission painter, we have done more than 100 minis for D&D enthusiasts, diorama builders and boardgame aficionados.

Wanna get your minis painted? Send us an image of your HeroForge character with your preferred colour scheme and we will give you a quote and the estimated waiting time for your commission painting.

Get an Access Pass to our crafting space to paint your own minis!

TableMinis’ Crafters Hideout is our new crafting space with a whole host of painting and crafting equipment, including paints, brushes, airbrushes, foam board, hot wire cutters and more.

You can get all-day access to paint, make and create all day. Paint minis, craft terrain and build impressive scenery for your Dungeons & Dragons or tabletop games here!

Relax or plug in your music via our sound system and let your creativity flow.

Learn how to paint your own minis in our Miniature Painting Workshop for Beginners!

Miniature painting can be quite intimidating to the uninitiated.

We remember when we first started, we had no guide on what to do or what to buy.

Everything was one big blur. Hours of YouTube later and learning from costly mistakes, we now have a grasp on this hobby.

We can help guide you through the basics of Miniature painting. And at the end of this workshop, you will be a confident Mini Painter.

Start creating your very own miniature character now!

If you have any additional questions about using HeroForge or if you'd like help building a character, feel free to WhatsApp us – we'd be happy to help!


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