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Where to play Dungeons & Dragons in Singapore

Thanks to shows like Acquisitions Incorporated, Critical Role, Dimension 20 and more, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) has become more popular in Singapore.

While most Singapore D&D players don’t openly proclaim I play Dungeons and Dragons!”, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find out that your coworker, friend, or even your boss might be adventuring and slaying bugbears on the weekends.

If you are new to D&D, it may be difficult to find an accessible place to play or to learn more about this tabletop roleplaying hobby. While it is getting more popular – with more people trying it out as an alternative to board games and video games – D&D is still quite underground, if I may say. But on that note – more and more gaming studios and stores are opening up D&D sessions and learn to play D&D games for beginners. Here’s a list of spots that you can check out to learn more and the best places to play D&D: The world's greatest role-playing game. Note: This list is non-exhaustive and written in no particular order. If I miss any game stores or details, please contact tableminis to include them in the listing. List updated as of 11 May 2023.

Where to play D&D in Singapore

More Info

TableMinis Studio & Store

  • 10 Arumugam Road, #08-02, Singapore 409957

  • Tuesday - Sunday 1pm - 8pm

Tinkertales Studios

  • 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah, #02-13, Singapore 159455

  • No walk-ins, only open for games and registered players


  • 220 Orchard Road #03-01 Midpoint Orchard, 238852

  • Monday - Sunday, 12pm - 4pm, 5pm - 9pm

GuidHall (formerly Dungeoneers’ Rest)

  • Peninsula Shopping Centre, 3 Coleman St, #03-22, Singapore 179804

  • Tuesday - Sunday 2pm - 10pm

Battle Bunker

  • BUGIS+, 201 Victoria St, #03-16/17, 188067

  • Monday - Sunday 12pm - 9pm

Battle Quarters @ Xpidemix

  • #01-03 63 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428776

  • Monday, Thursday - Sunday 12pm - 9pm

The Guild by Neo Tokyo Project

  • 1091 Lower Delta Rd, #03-06, Singapore 169202

Gallant Games

  • 218 Pasir Panjang Rd, #02-06 Icon @, Singapore 118579

  • Monday - Thursday, Sunday 12pm - 10:30pm, Friday & Saturday 12pm - 12am

Experience Point

  • 803 King George's Ave, #02-190, Singapore 200803

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6pm - 11pm, Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 12am

Gamersaurus Rex

  • 259A Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574386

  • Monday - Sunday 1pm - 11pm

Criticals & Fumbles

  • #01-03 63 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428776

DDALSG & Warhorn

Freelance DMs on Carousell

1. TableMinis Studio & Store

TableMinis is a D&D and TTRPG Studio & Store offering an ever-expanding variety of D&D and tabletop RPG, workshops and experience events in Singapore. New to Dungeons & Dragons? Check out the taster sessions and beginner-friendly games they have for D&D for Beginners, or jump into their Learn to Play workshop and take a deep dive into learning what D&D is, the core mechanics of a character sheet and the pillars of playing D&D. Their Beginner-friendly games are also a blast – with an immersive environment, atmospheric lighting, and professional Dungeon Masters to guide you in your experience.

Looking for something different? Try out other tabletop roleplaying experiences they run too. From Call of Cthulhu (Lovecraftian horror TTRPG), Alice is Missing (Silent RPG), Fiasco (Improv RPG), Deadlands (Midwestern horror RPG), to Kids On Bikes (Collaborative RPG), the list goes on! Other than Dungeons & Dragons, TableMinis hosts skills workshops such as Miniature Painting for Beginners, Learn Improv using D&D, Dungeon Mastering Fundamentals and more. Their comfortable and inclusive space is designed for safe and immersive gameplay, with safety tools and professional Dungeon Masters guiding you through every step.

Drop by their Dungeons and Dragons Singapore Shop and check them out!

Location: 10 Arumugam Road, #08-02, Singapore 409957

Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 3pm - 9pm

Instagram: @tableminis

2. Tinkertales Studios

Ever wanted to sail the seven seas as an adventurer? Tinkertales Studios might just have what you’re looking for!

TinkerTales Studios is a gaming studio specialising in creating and running collaborative storytelling experiences, including tabletop roleplaying games, live-action roleplaying (LARPs), and other interactive experiences.

Tattered Sails – TinkerTales Studio's homebrew campaign – is on the list of must-play homebrew D&D games among many D&D players in Singapore. Offering tabletop roleplaying games like Vampire the Masquerade, multi-table D&D Epics, beginner D&D sessions, Pathfinder, End of the World RPG, and more, Tinkertales Studios take extra care and attention to immersive gameplay using beautifully crafted terrain sets and miniatures. They really deliver the experience for you!

Join them in creating collaborative stories – drop them a PM to sign up for a game!

Location: 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah, #02-13, Singapore 159455 Instagram: @tinkertales.studios

3. Games@PI

Games@PI is a premier board games shop nestled in the rustic building of Midpoint Orchard. They rent out gaming tables for various activities and run special Commando Nights (Sunday nights) where they play Magic: The Gathering.

If you're a Warhammer fan or a Mini Painter, Games@PI is a great place to get recommendations for your paints.

Games@PI is also a place to play D&D in Singapore. Many of the Dungeon Masters (DMs) that frequent there offer and run Adventure League (AL) modules. Check them out!

Location: 220 Orchard Road #03-01 Midpoint Orchard, 238852 Opening hours: Monday - Sunday, 12pm - 4pm, 5pm - 9pm


4. Guild Hall (formerly Dungeoneer’s Rest)

Guild Hall (formerly Dungeoneer's Rest) is a hidden gem in Peninsula Shopping Centre, just behind Funan. They run homebrew D&D games, host board game nights for members and non-members, and learn to play D&D sessions for beginners too.

With a cosy interior and tavern-esque furniture, it’s very easy to immerse yourself in the game as they transport you into their fantasy setting. They even have a painting corner for members to paint up their miniatures before the games! Find them at Peninsula Shopping Centre, or DM them for more details on joining their one-shot adventures, introductory games or D&D memberships!

Location: Peninsula Shopping Centre, 3 Coleman St, #03-22, Singapore 179804

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 2pm - 10pm

5. Battle Bunker

Walking around Bugis+, it's impossible not to notice Battle Bunker. Situated on the third floor, this game store welcomes you with large displays of Warhammer Cardboard Cutouts and shelves of board games. As the leading Game Distributor and Largest Hobby Game Store/Gaming Arena in Singapore, Battle Bunker carry toys, miniatures, card & board games and a great collection of painting supplies.

You can rent out their games or bring your own and rent their table at a modest price! There are some D&D DMs that frequent the shop offering either homebrew games or AL modules as well. So if you’re shopping around Bugis, be sure to check them out!

Location: BUGIS+, 201 Victoria St, #03-16/17, 188067

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 12pm - 9pm

Instagram: @battlebunkersg

6. Battle Quarters @ Xpidemix

Battle Quarters @ Xpidemix is a board game and tabletop gaming hobby shop located in the East of Singapore. With a wide variety of board games, puzzles, tabletop wargames, D&D and painting supplies for sale, they also rent tables for various types of war games, including Bolt Action and Star Wars: Legion.

If you’re looking to find out more, they also offer D&D games and AL modules, which you can inquire about with the shopkeeper.

Location: #01-03 63 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428776

Opening hours: Monday, Thursday - Sunday 12pm - 9pm

Instagram: @xpidemix

7. The Guild by Neo Tokyo Project

If exclusivity is your cup of tea, The Guild by NTP provides professional, curated D&D experiences at their studio. Designed to be an exclusive, members-only destination, they are fully equipped with miniatures, terrain, lighting and gadgets that add immersion to their TTRPGs.

Membership starts from $15 per month, with plenty of perks like store discounts, priority access and bookings and members-only D&D games.

Run by Professional DMs who’ve clocked over thousands of hours DM-ing, you are guaranteed an experiential adventure when playing at The Guild. They do homebrew one-shots, D&D Adventurers League modules, campaigns, introductory games for beginners, and also conduct miniature painting and game master training workshops.

Check-in with them for more details!

Location: 1091 Lower Delta Rd, #03-06, Singapore 169202

8. Gallant Games

If you're staying in the west, Gallant Games may be the perfect place to visit! Located near Clementi MRT, Gallant Games is a friendly gaming community that loves Board Games, D&D, Magic: The Gathering, and Warhammer. You can rent board games, roleplaying games and tables here. They also run D&D games and you can sign up for their games via their Warhorn page. So if you’re thinking of playing D&D in Singapore, do drop them a visit!

Location: 218 Pasir Panjang Rd, #02-06 Icon @, Singapore 118579

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday, Sunday 12pm - 10:30pm, Friday & Saturday 12pm - 12am

Instagram: @gallantgames_sg

9. Experience Point

Experience Point has a number of games for experienced D&D players who are looking for a good challenge. More than just board games and card games (they have a library of over 200+ games), Experience Point offer tables and games for rent as well.

They also run their special D&D homebrew campaign: “The world of Wyrd”. If you’re a newbie to D&D, they will run it as a one-shot game where you get to pick pre-generated characters and get a taste of how to play D&D.

And if you’re ready to take on a bigger role, join their campaigns, where you can create your own character, explore how they grow as heroes and adventure with the party! With experienced DMs guiding you, your adventure will be sprinkled with a multitude of fun challenges and deadly combats! Go check them out!

Location: 803 King George's Ave, #02-190, Singapore 200803

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6pm - 11pm, Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 12am

10. Gamersaurus Rex

Gamersaurux Rex is one of the places you will hear D&D people talk about when asked where to play D&D. Located in Upper Thomson Road and surrounded by tons of great food, Gamersaurus Rex is your friendly local gaming store that carries a wide range of board games, miniature hobby games, hobby supplies and more. As well as offering a great selection of board games to rent, they also have regular gaming nights and events (including D&D games!). They specialise in Warhammer games, so here you'll find a wonderful selection of minis, as well as various painting supplies.

Go check out what they have in store!

Location: 259A Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574386

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 1pm - 11pm

Instagram: @gsaurusrex

11. Criticals & Fumbles

Striving to create a memorable experience for players throughout every adventure, quest and story, the Game Masters at Criticals & Fumbles are a passionate bunch sharing their experience with all who wish to explore the world of RPG.

From Learn to Play (LTP) D&D sessions, one-shot adventures, campaigns to family packages, they run their RPGs at Battle Quarters @ Xpidemix.

Location: #01-03 63 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428776

12. Warhorn and DDALSG

DDALSG is the official D&D Adventurers League (AL) community in Singapore.

While they do not have a physical location to play at per se, you can sign up for games via Warhorn – where D&D players and DMs meet and schedule games. Though, do take note of where the games are held as players from other countries also use this platform.

13. Freelance DMs on Carousell

Other than hobby shops and gaming studios, You can look up freelance Dungeon Masters who provide DMing services on Carousell. Freelance DMs can introduce you to D&D one-shots, short adventures, or even ongoing campaigns.

Honourable Mentions!

Curious Chimeras

Curious Chimeras is a game experience design company that specialises in immersive, narrative roleplaying and storytelling games and experiences. With years of RPGs experience under their belt, they have written, designed, and published unique RPGs like Shrine: The Siege of Yueyuan (xianxia RPG), Mere Gods (sandbox adventure inspired by ancient Southeast Asia), HuaQuan (two-player TTPG inspired by Hong Kong martial arts movies), and more!

Check them out and find out more about what they do!

Instagram: @curiouschimeras

Void Deck Games

If LARPs, participatory experiences and exploring imaginary and immersive worlds are your thing, you should definitely check out Void Deck Games.

Void Deck Games is an experiential entertainment company that focuses on immersive roleplaying. They have over 20 years of experience in participatory design and are masters of using immersive theatre, game mechanics, improvisation to create immersion in their storytelling adventure. Whether it’s surviving a zombie apocalypse or scheming in a Vampire-themed Game of Thrones, an experience of a lifetime awaits you.

From Vampire the Masquerade, to Playful Larpmaking Workshops (PLARP), they are your gateway to the secret imaginary worlds. Check them out and join them on their next adventure!

Location: 5 Ubi Link, Singapore 388429

How do you find local D&D groups?

It may seem difficult, but most of the shops and studios listed have Discord and social media channels where you can inquire and join. You can also join the Dungeons & Dragons Facebook Group for discussions, TTRPG news and meet the community.

With this list, I hope you are more familiar with and have lesser trouble getting started with playing the wonderful game of D&D. Hope to see you soon in one of the adventures and may your rolls crit and your spells hit!


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