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Dungeon Master's Screen Wilderness Kit: A look at the new tool for DMs

D&D really seems to be stepping up with their product designs this year. Not only are they great for their intended purpose, but they also have value-added with some other impressive goodies.

The Wilderness Kit is a great addition to all discerning Dungeon Masters. Mind you, this kit is not just a DM screen, but a full complement to your party being out in the wilderness.

As D&D goes, players spend a bulk of their time travelling from one place to another, seeking adventure, to solve a quest or meet in some tavern. Dungeon Masters tend to fast track and narrate this element of the game.

But with the Wilderness Kit, you can expand this part in so many different ways.

What's in the Kit

Organising folder

Included in the kit is a folder that holds everything together. It also comes with a box to hold all the cards provided.

Roll charts and essential information

The DM screen itself has beautiful fantasy wilderness art. It has a very pleasing clean matte finish and gives a warmth adventuring feel to your table.

You won't find the usual quick reference rules like the reincarnated version at the back of the screen. This screen is optimised for wilderness travel. All the necessary rules, roll charts and information references are neatly organised and within a glance, ensuring a flow to your wilderness gameplay.

Dry-erase sheets

The kit also comes with 5 double-sided dry-erase sheets: Supply Tracker Sheet, Wilderness Reference Sheets, and Quick Reference Sheets. Each of them very useful to both you and your players:

  • Supply Tracker Sheet: This sheet allows you to track your players' Food and Water consumption. It's very handy for those long journeys. You also get 2 hex grids maps for you to draw on.

  • 2 Wilderness Reference Sheets: One is the Rules and Roll tables for Wilderness Journeys, the other is the Rules and Roll table for Wildnerness Chases. The first one covers how to rule a long or short journey, what happens when your party becomes lost, food and water requirements and some other helpful roll tables. The second one outlines how to run such encounters, with roll tables, sequences and rules.

  • Quick Reference Sheets: These sheets outlines the actions in combat for your players. This is a great handout for new players, making it easy for them to see the options they have in any and all combat encounters.

In the kit, you will also have 27 cards, consisting of initiative trackers, exhaustion and extreme weather rules and condition handouts.

In summary

This is a great product for all DMs who run long campaigns. It is also super useful for homebrew DMs.

It is a key expansion in running travelling and wilderness encounters for your players.

Overall, we highly recommend this product.

PS, just note: this is not for everyday DMing use. This kit is only useful when your party is travelling from place to place.


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