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Curse of Strahd: Dungeons & Dragons' best campaign for beginners

A bit of history

First and foremost, this adventure has such a history dating back to the 1970s. Through the hands of Tracy and Laura Hickman, it was first published in 1983. Since then, there have been numerous, adaptations, revisions and squeals.

We highly recommend watching the interview with Chris Perkins. It provides much insight into the history of the setting.

Written and published by the A-team

This 5th edition adventure was published on March 15th, 2016, and produced by an all-star team headed by Chris Perkins and included the original writers of Tracy and Laura - who have said that they wanted to create the very best version of the famous module yet.

We think that's why this is such a loved adventure module from the 5th Edition. It's detailed and lovingly crafted all the way through. The romance of Gothic Horror, mixed with a wildly complex and brooding villain, makes for a deadly and yet beautiful adventure.

Curse of Strahd isn't possible without the feature villain - Strahd von Zarovich. This sad (albeit - damn narcissistic) tortured soul releases his pain through the very veins of the land of Barovia itself. This lays the foundation and setting for the adventure.

All in all, this is a giant sandbox - escape room, with a relentless villain, all while treasure hunting. Good times!!!

What we recommend

For Newer DMs:

This is one of the easiest modules to run and also the most enjoyable.

But don't be mistaken when we mean easiest - it's not simplistic. It's just very linear.

For Experienced DMs:

If run by a talented Dungeon Master - this adventure is frighteningly good for all involved.

It also allows a lot of flexibility for backstory exploration, your own flavoured mysteries and encounters.

For Players:

Ask your DM to run this now. It's a great time!

Play after midnight at your own peril.

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