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Our take on Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus (Spoiler-free)

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure book for level 1 to 13 characters as they journey through the first layer of the Nine Hells.

If you are thinking about this adventure module, these are some things to consider before buying.

First and foremost, we think this is a very good adventure to run. It's very compatible with groups that enjoy combat and just being heroic (or evil).

Thematically, Devils are a beautiful cornerstone of the struggle between good and evil. This book turns up the volume with a holy city being dragged into the top layer of hell, a bunch of would-be adventurers trading blows with fiends of all types and NPCs that are consequential.

The tension between good and evil is palpable throughout. For us, that a huge plus point to this campaign.


There is some room for role-playing and backstory exploration built into the overall plot. As a DM, this is welcomed, as you do not need to create further expositions to give to your players.

But the pace of this story is hurried and very quick. So DMs who like to lounge and slowly build up plot and character narratives - this will be a challenge, especially in the beginning. Ps: make sure your players care about Elturel.

The World

This adventure is a nice intro to Baldur's Gate, but does not quite capture the landscape, the tension of the current events and intrigue of "The Gate". So placing the adventure anywhere is very easy.

For homebrewers and those who enjoy other settings, this provides an effortless way to port this adventure into your world.

But when it comes to Avernus, the style, feel and shiokness of what the first layer of hell is, is damn good stuff.

The land itself is immense, with plenty of Places of Interest and so much in-betweens you can dream up dramas, encounters and stories for your players.

Typical of Wizards of the Coast - Avernus is fleshed out, detailed and has story context. All of which you can build more adventures on.

Oh, and the Infernal War Machines are insanely fun to run!

In summary

This is an excellent long module to run for experienced DMs, especially if you have a committed group. This would be a kick-ass of a time.

For Veteran DMs: We think this is the one you have been waiting for since Out of the Abyss. Lots of lore, new mechanics to work with and plenty of hell to raise.

New DMs: Unless you are very committed, this will be a challenging module for you and your players. We suggest running some transitional adventures like Waterdeep Dragon Heist, Tomb of Annihilation, or Ghost of Saltmarsh.

Home Brewers: This extends your vocabulary of Fiends, Hell-like pantheons, and ideas for you to just drop your players into hell for a few sessions. Get Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus Adventure Book here.


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