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Iconic library of adventures: Candlekeep Mysteries

With March 16th not too far on the horizon, we at TableMinis are super excited for this module.

Usually, when Wizards announces a new adventure module, it comes with all whole hubbub of media. This time around, not a peep.

They are keeping the Mystery theme at full tilt. It's like a rather large Owlbear sneaking up on you with a +6 to stealth. You kinda know it's there - but you just can't see it.

So far this is what we know

It's an anthology of seventeen mystery-themed adventures.

However, unlike Tales of the Yawning Portal and Ghost of Saltmarsh which are greatest hits ported over to the 5th Edition, Candlekeep Mysteries are brand new adventures. Each authored by different writers.

These short stand-alone stories are for level 1 - 16 characters. This makes it very easy to plug and play into any campaign in any setting.


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