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TableMinis June Update

Lockdown 2.5

As soon as we were gathering some momentum, so did COVID-19. Our young nation went back to Lockdown Mode. The energy we felt at the studio, the new friendships we made - the plans to build on already budding relationships all completely and mandatorily halted.

As our nation hunkered down, schools closed and restaurants locked up their seats. So did we. We closed the studio and it was painful. But as an aspiring business, this is something we already took into account. Therefore we turned this empty time into the quiet needed to recalibrate, refresh and optimise what we have built over the last two months (if you didn't know - our studio opened on April Fools Day).

Moving online

When it came to hosting games, we avoided playing online. But this lockdown gave us fresh eyes.

It made the most sense as a business, and also as passionate advocates of this hobby.

There are plenty of people who can and will play online - who are we to deny the pleasures of TTRPG to all who, either do not have time or finances to travel? There are also many who are much needed at home, looking after love ones and their close presence is essential. They need to play too.

I admit we're part of the perpetuating stigma of playing online alike for many other DMs and players. We all use the same excuse, saying things like "online is nothing like playing in real life, seated around the table is the best way, online is just a terrible experience", etc.

Yes, there are merits to those claims, but we at TableMinis want to challenge that very notion.

We believe, with exceptional Dungeon Mastering, a thorough understanding of online tools and maybe even cutting edge technology - we as a studio can bring about the same smiles, laughter, cheering and the common hatred for the DM rolling scary amounts of dice.

We genuinely believe we can.

So we subscribed and reluctantly gave Zoom our money, listed Candlekeep Mysteries Chapter 1 as an online session, both for the new, as well as experienced players. We also arranged to teach Learn How to Play D&D workshop online to newbies.

The response has been extremely positive so far. We oath Paladin, in continuing to serve the online community as much as we can, for as long as we can.

On the digital front

We have (finally) set up our Discord channel.

We have quite a few people in it already and it seems to be growing. Please hop in and start chatting with each other! Make some new friends.

Also, we secretly launched our Patreon for all the folks who want to support this dream and endeavour (all this play is really hard work guys, and we do need some financial muscle to keep this going).

If you love us and wanna support us, we have plenty of perks and will continue adding them as we go along.

On the back-end

We have been playtesting numerous modules, systems and have done a couple of focus groups. All just to create more great content, games and experiences.

We are ready to launch two new Play D&D games this June:

- Play D&D Campaign - Baldurs Gate: Descent into Avernus

Keep a lookout and book early okay!

The lockdown has just ended and we say again - we are just getting started!

See you at the table! Be safe and wash your hands.

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