Miniature painting can be quite intimidating to the uninitiated.


We remember when we first started, we had no guide on what to do or what to buy. Everything was one big blur. Hours of YouTube later and learning from costly mistakes, we now have a grasp on this hobby.


As a commission painter, TableMinis have done more than 100 minis for D&D enthusiasts, diorama builders and boardgame aficionados.


We can help guide you through the basics of Miniature painting. And at the end of this, you will be a confident Mini Painter.


The 3-hour Basic Miniature Painting Workshop will cover:


Setting up your painting station


How to basecoat well


How to dry brush


How to prepare your miniature


Adding shades and shadows


How to varnish and protect your paint


Priming your miniature


Highlighting and detailing techniques

Bring home your very own Painted Miniature



Miniature painting can be a somewhat lonely hobby, especially in Singapore. While there are many resources to be found online, one can never really tell if you're really thinning your paints right, or applying highlights correctly, or myriad other things.


Which is why I was excited when I came across Dennet's miniature painting class on Carousell.
To say that it was an enjoyable class is an understatement.


Dennet did a good job of creating a jovial, encouraging environment for learning what can be an intimidating hobby to pick up. There was a good selection of minis to choose from, and soon we were painting away, bantering and laughing at (easily fixable) painting mistakes.


I can say that I came out a more confident painter and would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to get started in the hobby. Take care and all the best with your shop! 


  • Workshop: Dungeon Mastering Fundamentals (June Intake)
    29 May, 8:30 pm SGT – 10 Jul, 10:30 pm SGT
    TableMinis Online
    This deeply engaging, informative and practical workshop is designed for all who want a strong foundation in Dungeon Mastering. Best for aspiring DMs and those who want to level up, all are welcomed. Workshop includes handouts, homework & resources. 7 Sessions for $250
  • Workshop: Improv for D&D (5th June)
    Sun, 05 Jun
    TableMinis Studio
    05 Jun, 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
    TableMinis Studio, 6 Ubi Rd 1, #07-13 Wintech Center, Singapore 408726
    Learn the basics of Improv using D&D as a foundation. Advance a scene, tilt the status quo and escalate your party of adventurers into a deeper-more immersive story and narrative. At the studio. Price is $40 for two and a half hours of pure awesomeness.