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Sun, 21 Jul


TableMinis Studio

Candlekeep: Alkazaar's Appendix (21st July)

One story stands out from all the others, and the Avowed of Candlekeep wonder about it to this day: the tale of the lost golem, featuring the one adventure that Alkazaar could not complete. This story is told in Alkazaar’s Appendix. $105 for 3 sessions! Not Beginner Friendly

Candlekeep: Alkazaar's Appendix (21st July)
Candlekeep: Alkazaar's Appendix (21st July)

Time & Location

21 Jul 2024, 2:00 pm – 11 Aug 2024, 5:00 pm

TableMinis Studio, 10 Arumugam Rd, #08-02 A, Singapore 409957

About the Event

Official D&D Adventure from Wizards of the Coast Candlekeep part 16


Game style: Investigation and Mysteries!

Character Level: 15

Combat: High 

Role-playing: Mid 

Not Beginner Friendly!


The adventure begins when the characters stumble upon the mysterious tome known as Alkazaar’s Appendix. Within its weathered pages, they find a story about the lost golem and a captivating illustration of a magical portal. This enchanted picture has the power to transport them directly to the golem’s location.

The book, it turns out, was discovered by the Bedine, a tribe of nomadic people who traverse the vast and unforgiving desert of Anauroch. As the adventurers join the Bedine around their campfire, they hear lively debates about the golem’s fate and how it might bring fortune to the tribe. The golem itself appears dormant, a silent sentinel awaiting a spark of life.

Delving deeper into the Appendix, the party uncovers the secrets needed to awaken the golem from its slumber. Through conversations with the Bedine, they learn of a forgotten place known as the Hall of Rainbows, a ruined cave complex that might hold the key to the golem’s origins. However, this knowledge comes with a dire warning: the Hall of Rainbows lies within the perilous domain of a monstrous purple worm, a creature of legend and terror.

Thus, the adventurers find themselves at a crossroads, their path shrouded in mystery and danger, yet illuminated by the promise of discovery and power.


Game Details  

No of Sessions:

Length of Session: 3 hours

Gameplay Dates: (21st & 28th July) (11th August)

Days: Sundays 

Time: 2PM to 5PM 

Location: TableMinis Studio  

Price: $105 for all 3 sessions.


Please inquire if you have more questions! 

We are very happy to answer all of them!

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