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Calling all Dungeon Masters

We’re looking for passionate Dungeon Masters to join our roster of storytellers,
so whether you are looking for more players or a DM looking for a consistent place for games, read on to find out more!


At TableMinis,
we aim to craft amazing experiences for both players and DMs,
even before the session starts. 

D&D Studio

You will be provided with a private studio space to run the game in a professional setting.

From miniatures to spotlight control, we want you to facilitate the best experience for our players and get them excited for more. 


Our admin team will handle most of the administrative work for you and the players, meaning less conversations on “When is the next session?” and more time spent on planning your next session.

DM Community

Our community of friendly DMs are happy to share more about their experiences, listen to your struggles and offer suggestions and feedback (with your consent).

Dedicated DM
Training Sessions

We organise a series of training sessions for Dungeon Masters, whether you’re starting fresh or looking to refresh on basics.

Learn about Table Management, Basic Voice Workshop, Building your Terrain Set, Miniature Painting and more!

TableMinis has been developing a roster of DMs from all walks of life, taking our players through journeys across the D&D multiverse for the last 3 years.

"TableMinis has helped me improve my improv skills, creativity and self-confidence.

The DM programme has not only helped me work on my shortcomings, but also hone my narrative abilities to captivate my audience."

DM Navin //
TableMinis DM since 2023

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-25 at 22.21.22.jpeg

"Starting off as a Homebrew DM, I knew that there were a lot of things I had to learn.

Since joining TableMinis as a DM, I was able to pick up on small but important skills, such as table management, that I never knew I needed."

DM Valent //
TableMinis DM since 2023

photo_2024-06-11_18-46-09 (2).jpg

"TableMinis is a place where we hold roleplaying and fun as our coveted product, and the DM programme is our testing ground, our stage and our playground. 


What makes this place unique is the various types of DMs who love to talk about TTRPGs and how to improve themselves."

DM Mikah //
TableMinis DM since 2021

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Interested so far?
Here’s what you can expect after signing up:

  1. Interview
    An interview process with some of our DMs to get to know you personally.


  2. Training
    A short training period, typically taking 3-6 months, focusing on the basics and a tutorial on how to use our equipment.


  3. Your first game
    You’ll be in charge of running our taster experience and workshops to introduce the core basics of the game, mostly for players new to the hobby.


  4. Your first campaign
    Run a beginner campaign for players looking to start a longer journey with us!


Our commitment levels are flexible, so you can choose how often you DM every month based on your schedule. DMs can run up to 8 sessions a month, or just 2 sessions per month if life makes scheduling difficult. (We’ve been there)


Ready to get started?
Kick off a conversation with us.

Before we begin, here are some of the things we are looking out for: 

  • At least 18 years old

  • Have some experience in running a Tabletop RPG (ideally at least 6 months)

  • Able to communicate in English 

  • Interested in running Dungeons and Dragons games for the general public

  • Available in committing to at least 2 sessions a month


Please reach out to us below and we will arrange a meeting with the team!


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