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The Happening

The Happening

A few many years ago, hundreds of guests were invited by Steffan Von Benevonthé to a masquerade ball celebrating the launch of what he termed his magnum opus — Symphony No. 9 in B Flat Major.

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You have been invited to a grand masquerade by Steffan Von Benevonthe, a magnificent conductor of his time.

With him, his beautiful muse and violinist, Oriana, and his best friend, Valerian, a charming conductor of great skill.

They each have made claim to this illustrious Symphony no.9 but of course, whoever heard it that night, simply does not recall it at all nor know who the true composer is...

And now, the night repeats again.

Be transported back to the 1800s, attend this lovely ball and meet with all these fresh, bloody faces!

You will be dressed in your finest, and become a follower of one of the three, as time goes on, more of the tune returns to you as you collect the sound of the past piece by piece…

How do you do that? By enjoying yourself of course! It may be child's play as you go about dancing and being part of such ridiculous party games, but that’s the only way to keep time moving… 

Maybe then will you be able to leave.

Perhaps I have said too much, enjoy the masquerade! A night that could go on forever…

- The Narrator

Creatures of the Night is an immersive and participatory game event set in the 1800s. Become a follower of a famous composer, a talented violinist,
or a passionate conductor. 
Solve a mystery and interact with this strange world of even stranger people. Gather information, and come play games.

Come dressed in your best gowns and suits, and be sure to wear a mask.

Be part of the story and change the course of this magnificent night.

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