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We love Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Here's why.

We legit love Auril the Frostmaiden and this module. We don't know how you all feel about this adventure, but we adore it. For us, this module represents Wizards of the Coast's next wave of storytelling. It's a step-up with vivid,engaging encounters and a delightfully scary campaign.

Firstly, it took the base elements from Icespire Peak's (The Essentials Kit) modular style campaign. Using that formula, this campaign builds a cohesive story through the happenings of Ten Towns.

Meaning: there are 10 base adventures for your players and you, the DM, to choose from. With that foundation, the module builds an eerie and haunting adventure.

Engaging and atmospheric

Thematically aware, Chris Perkins once again brings narrative structural integrity to this adventure. It's always cold all the way through this book and danger lurks beneath every footstep.

We also think that with the new generation of adventure writers help brought in new freshness in the encounters and plot lines. It really elevated the age-old formula of quests into something far more hyperbolic - even for D&D. Which we are deeply thankful for (it's so much more fun!).

Immersive gameplay

Lastly, this adventure module delivers very well both in immersion and engagement. We sincerely believe the main theme of isolation and horror will seep into the skin of every player. Where fear becomes real, and reality blurs as you and your players run through the gamut of everything this campaign has.

Our thoughts

It's akin to being in a perpetual snowstorm and simultaneously enduring the incessant badgering of a sibling, who is bombarding you with accurate snowballs. This adventure turns up the cold to freezing slowly, but with-at any time, a blizzard will strike and you may find yourself at the very tip of the nose of an Ancient White D

ragon. Teeth smiling at its afternoon snack of you and your party.

All of which will leave you will a beautiful story and adventure in the end.

✓ Friendly to New DMs

✓ Great for Homebrewers

✓ Damn fun to run for experienced DMs


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