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The Local Scene: The4thCulture

We wanna introduce The4thCulture to you guys!

If you don't already know - these folks are THE current Local D&D show.

We have been following the folks on The4thCulture since Session 1 in January. Last week, they streamed their 20th session - which in our opinion is a huge achievement! 👏🏻

Not unlike Royal Nerd Theatre's Dice & Dynasty, The4thCulture is an all-local production. They don't have an incredible production budget nor are they famous people. But they are passionate people who play D&D.

Where do we find their streams?

The show is streamed live almost every Monday at 7:30 pm on Twitch.

Search The4thCulture. It's very entertaining, the characters are played very well and the DM has made alive an articulate and fascinating world.

Give it a shot and whilst waiting for Thursday, you just might fall in love with Monday.

From their "About Us": Welcome aboard the Voyages of Marabanda Survey Team 3 - a Liveplay Dungeons & Dragons stream from sunny Singapore.

What is it?

Set in the wild, wonderful World of Urtu which draws from Asian mythology and culture, the Voyages of Survey Team Three who as part of their mandatory military service, find themselves traversing the shattered face of Urtu to try to upset the plans of nefarious demigods, scheming empires and twisted creatures as they learn the truth behind their ravaged world - whilst dealing with their own growing power and plausibly misplaced loyalties.


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