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TableMinis March-April Updates

We have been incredibly busy setting up our brand new studio. It sports a gaming table, full surround sound setup and plenty of Dungeon Master tools. We do hope you come visit and say hi.

For the first time, we hosted "Alice is Missing" publicly and the 5 dudes who played it had a smashing time.

If you wanna know more, please check our events page.

In April, besides opening our studio doors - we will be introducing more events for you guys to experience and enjoy. So tune in to our Instagram and Facebook for more info.

Last but not least, fingers crossed we will release our first podcast episode. It's called "Alamak you D&D?!?!".

It is just us talking about TTRPG, interviewing some folks and sharing with you some interesting segments.

We hope to see you soon!

Thanks again for reading all of this.

Have a great month!


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