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Date and time is TBD


TableMinis Studio

TableMinis Present: Humblewood (REGISTER INTEREST)

In Humblewood, signs of trouble loom. The Scorched Grove, scarred by ancient fire, seethes with elemental magic, expanding ominously. Nature's imbalance yields unseasonal dryness, crop failure, and rampant forest fires. Ember bat clouds, unusually aggressive. LONG CAMPAIGN NOT BEGINNER FRIENDLY

TableMinis Present: Humblewood (REGISTER INTEREST)
TableMinis Present: Humblewood (REGISTER INTEREST)

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

TableMinis Studio, 10 Arumugam Rd, #08-02 A, Singapore 409957

About the Event

Humblewood Part 1

This is a Published Adventure from Hit Point Press.


Game style: Roleplay & Exploration

Combat: Moderate

Roleplaying: Very High

Intrigue: High

Types of Players Needed: Role-players who enjoy playing as tiny cute animal folks!

Character Starting Level: 1

This is a long campaign spanning across at least 50 sessions.


In recent moons, unsettling omens stir whispers of discord in Humblewood. The source of unrest lies within the Scorched Grove, a desolate expanse ravaged by ancient flames. Its scorched earth pulses with forbidden elemental energies, repelling all but the most infernal creatures. 

Now, the Grove's reach extends, a subtle expansion discernible only to those attuned to nature's rhythms, particularly the Tenders. This imbalance in elemental forces casts a pall over Humblewood, manifesting as unnatural aridity, failed crops, and rampant wildfires. Further unsettling the land, emberbat swarms, driven by an uncharacteristic aggression, roam far from their accustomed territories.



Dates: TBC

Days: TBC

Time: TBC

Location: TableMinis Studio

Price: -


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