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Sun, 21 Jul


TableMinis Studio

TableMinis Present: Fallout: Machine Frequency (21st July)

The party in a mexican standoff over a bottle of clean water they found on the street, when a person in a jerry rigged T-60 power armour (BoS decal) walks onto the scene, carrying a comical amount of supplies on their back. $35 per pax. Beginner Friendly!

TableMinis Present: Fallout: Machine Frequency (21st July)
TableMinis Present: Fallout: Machine Frequency (21st July)

Time & Location

21 Jul 2024, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

TableMinis Studio, 10 Arumugam Rd, #08-02 A, Singapore 409957

About the Event

A story written by TableMinis DM Rui.

Using the Fallout TTRPG system. 


The game kicks off with an intense standoff, the party members eyeing each other warily over a precious bottle of clean water they've scavenged from the desolate street. The tension is palpable, each person weighing their chances, when suddenly the heavy, mechanical footsteps of a jerry-rigged T-60 power armor disrupt the scene. The armor, adorned with a faded Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) decal, creaks and groans under the comical weight of supplies strapped to its back.

Emerging from the shadows, the imposing figure reveals himself as Scribe Galen Portno, a venerable BoS scribe in his mid-70s. Despite his age, Galen’s eyes glint with a mixture of wisdom and determination. He’s on a mission, having left his lookout point, Echo, to aid a downed vertibird at Beriday Gulch.

Galen's voice, muffled but firm through the power armor's speakers, cuts through the tension. “I see you’ve found something valuable,” he says, nodding to the water bottle. “But I bring an offer that could prove even more valuable.” He gestures to the bounty of supplies on his back. “Help me reach the vertibird, and these supplies are yours. Succeed in our mission, and there’s more where this came from, courtesy of Project Purity.”

The promise of more supplies and the weight of Galen’s presence shift the mood. The party members now face a choice: continue their standoff or join forces with this unexpected ally.


Date: 21st July

Day: Sunday

Time: 2PM to 5PM

Location: TableMinis Studio

Price: $35 

Length of Session: 3 hours 


Please contact us for more information :)

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