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Spelljammer Academy: Trial By Fire (Register Interest)

After a day of Orientation, cadets move on to a full flight on their assigned Spelljammers. You and the crew must prove yourselves by competing in the tasks assigned by instructors. Only the most talented, and team worthy will win this trial by fire. Must have completed Orientation. $30 Per.

Spelljammer Academy: Trial By Fire (Register Interest)
Spelljammer Academy: Trial By Fire (Register Interest)

Time & Location

Let us know your preferred schedule!

TableMinis Studio, 6 Ubi Rd 1, #07-13 Wintech Center, Singapore 408726

About the Event

Spelljammer Academy: Trial by Fire is a published Adventure from Wizards of the Coast. 

Adventure League Compatible. SJA-02


Game style: Light-hearted & silly.

Combat: Medium

Roleplay: High

Starting Character Level: 2 (Must have completed Orientation)

Playstyle Compatability: Role-playing, exploration, and fun-loving.

Players Wanted: All types!

Very Beginner Friendly


Come and spend the evening, exploring more of what Spelljammer has to offer. This D&D adventure is only available for those who have finished Orientation. This light-hearted mini-campaign will take you through 4 adventures in total.

As Orientation has passed, you and your cadet crew will be gearing up for your first test flight on your Spelljammer. Take all you learned in the first session and apply it. Rivalries are starting to form with the groups of cadets.

Gamesmanship starts with these first trials and your instructors are eager to gauge your performance. Remember - not everyone will graduate and become Spelljammers. You will have to start proving your superiority with this Trial By Fire!

May the best team win!


Live Play @ Studio 

One-Shot Adventure.

Length of Session: 3.5 Hours

Price: $30 per player


Let us know when is your preferred schedule. 

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