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Friday and/or Saturday Night 7:30PM to 11PM



Play D&D: Thundergnome! (Register Interest)

Welcome to the event of your life. You shredders of steel! You crowd surfers of death! You face melting soloists! You moshers of magic!  You are invited for one night, and one night only to an epic adventure of a lifetime. This crescendo of chaos will leave you begging for an encore! $35 Per.

Play D&D: Thundergnome! (Register Interest)
Play D&D: Thundergnome! (Register Interest)

Time & Location

Friday and/or Saturday Night 7:30PM to 11PM

Singapore, 10 Arumugam Rd, #08-02 A, Singapore 409957

About the Event

Thundergnome! is an original Adventure Written by John Mayhew 

This music-themed ride is Dungeon Mastered by John Mayhew.


Game style: Battle of the Bands escape, Music Melting Labrinth Adventure & Puzzles

Combat: High

Roleplay: High

Character Level: 5

Playstyle: Fun Loving, Exploration & Music Fest in your face.

Players Wanted: Best if you are a Metal & Rock Fan of 90’s/80s Music! Lots of fun stuff for you!

Not for Beginners.


Welcome to the Thundergnome!

The Thundergnome! is a 3 - 4 hour one-shot set in the Underdark where your group, the Motley Crew, has mistakenly been kidnapped by unknown forces and set to compete in a magical, mystical, and musical gauntlet.

This one-shot rock opera uses rock, punk, metal, and other musical genres to build the tension, help you tune into clues, and rock out hard while trying to make it to the end. So get out your sword, wand, instrument, or lighter and come on this amazing adventure with us.


Your group, the Motley Crew, was enjoying a night of RnR after taking down a necromancer and her cult of followers named the Paramours. Back at the Iron Maiden tavern, you are celebrated as heroes for taking down the scourge of the area that has troubled them for months. 

A band picks up its instruments and drinks start flowing in your good names. You drink, dance, drink, eat, party, and promptly fall 'asleep'. The next thing you know, you hear the pumping of drums, lutes, horns, and a cheering crowd. You and your party are alone in a dark room listening to the cheering of the crowd when a deep gnome walks in with a fiddle in hand and a skip in his step.

He introduces himself as Findal, and welcomes you to the invitational event of the decade. You have been selected for the Underdark battle of the bands. Six bands enter. Only one exit after the grand encore. Clear the obstacles and make your way to the finish line first to be crowned the champions of this decade's Battle of the Bands.


This is a Live Play @ Studio 

No. of Sessions: One Shot Adventure.

Location: TableMinis Studio

Price: $35 per player.

Let us know when is your preferred schedule. 

Please register your interest!


Let us know if you have any questions about this adventure.

We are very happy to answer all of them!

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