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Friday Nights, or Weekend Afternoons


TableMinis Studio

Experience: Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition (Register Interest)

Experience the Hyper-Realistic, Grim Dark fantasy world of Warhammer. Unlike its namesake, this is an amazing role-playing system, that both excites and immerses you into character. Come try this grossly under-rated fantasy setting and system. 5 x $30 Sessions. Register Your Interest

Experience: Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition (Register Interest)
Experience: Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition (Register Interest)

Time & Location

Friday Nights, or Weekend Afternoons

TableMinis Studio, 6 Ubi Rd 1, #07-13 Wintech Center, Singapore 408726

About the Event

“Grim Adventures in Ubersreik” is a published Adventure by Cubicle 7

Dungeon Mastered by DM Nicholas


Game style: Exploration & Investigation

Genre: Grimdark Low Fantasy

Role-play: Very High

Combat: Low

World Exploration: High

Types of Players Wanted: Roleplayers who enjoy minimal but dangerous combat

Starting Character Build: Level 1

Players: All TTRPG skill levels are welcome!


Designed as a beginner’s adventure to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP), this experience aims to immerse players in the setting of the old world and to provide an authentic grimdark experience WFRP is known for.

WFRP is NOT a combat-heavy game, combat is dangerous and can have lasting effects on your characters like dismemberment or insanity. Magic in this world while powerful, is a far cry from DND 5E. Don’t expect to Detect Magic your way through an encounter or cast Greater Restoration on your severed hand unless you make a deal with some dark gods….

As will be a 4-session adventure, it will not be a sandbox-style adventure. Instead, there will be mysteries and secrets to uncover that will lead from one story hook to the next. How you would like to approach these story hooks will be totally up to you!

I have a lot more to say about WFRP and why I think it’s a great RPG for any player to try! Find my article here. If not, drop me a message on Discord (Bowser JR#6877) if you have any questions! See you at the table!


A ragtag band of adventurers answers the call of Rutger Reuter, a charismatic, young merchant from Ubersreik to deal with a particularly monstrous problem brewing in the swamps. Adventurers will have to employ their skills in exploration, politics and good old-fashioned combat to set things right and live to see another day.


Total No of Sessions: 4 + 1 (Session Zero)

Preferred Days: Friday, Saturday or Sunday 

Preferred Timeslot: 2PM - 5PM or 7:30PM to 10:30PM 

Location: TableMinis Studio

Price: $150


Please let us know if you have questions! 

We are more than happy to answer!

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