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Two Decks. Infinite Fates.


All dungeon masters, veteran and novice alike, have heard the legends of the Deck of Many Things. A treasured artefact which can infuse any campaign with danger, wonder, and delight. But look here: another deck has emerged from behind the veil of mystery. A deck equal in power, yet bursting with epic confrontations and sinister secrets. The Deck of Many Fates.


Comprised of two decks totalling 49 jumbo-size tarot cards, The Deck of Many Things and the Deck of Many Fates are the perfect accessories for your adventuring party. Our finest sages have also included a guide on using these cards, as irresponsible operation may lead to disfigurement, death, and worse.


The Deck of Many Things has been an RPG mainstay for over 40 years. It is an artefact of immense power and extreme chaos. Twenty-two cards each contain a strange, potent, and often game-changing effect. Perhaps you shall draw the fabled Flame card and with it the enmity.

The Deck of Many Things and the Deck of Many Fates

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