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TableMinis D&D Series:
Keys from the Golden Vault

A collection of 13 heist adventures for levels 1-11

Some jobs require more than simply wielding a sword or slinging a spell.
Whether it’s procuring a well-guarded item or obtaining crucial information from an imprisoned contact, these tasks require careful planning and flawless execution.

The secretive organization called the Golden Vault specializes in hiring crews for such jobs, and for the most daunting assignments—pursuing fabulous treasures and stopping dire threats—that crew is your character.


List of Adventures in Keys from the Golden Vault

  • Part 1: โ€‹The Murkmire Malevolence
    Retrieve a mysterious egg ensconced in a museum to avert disaster.

  • Part 2: The Stygian Gambit 
    Rob a Nine Hells—themed casino built with stolen money.

  • Part 3: Reach for the Stars
    Search for The Celestial Codex in a mansion warped by the Far Realm.

  • Part 4: Prisoner 13
    Obtain the key to a vault from a spymaster imprisoned in Revel’s End.

  • Part 5: Tockworth’s Clockworks
    Liberate a svirfneblin town besieged by clockwork automatons.

  • Part 6: Masterpiece Imbroglio
    Infiltrate a thieves’ guild to retrieve a stolen painting.

  • Part 7: Axe from the Grave
    Recover a stolen mandolin to lay a dead bard’s spirit to rest.

  • Part 8: Vidorant’s Vault
    Retrieve a stolen diadem from the vault of a notorious thief.

  • Part 9: Shard of the Accursed
    Use a magical shard to mend a giant’s broken heart and save a town from destruction.

  • Part 10: Heart of Ashes
    Retrieve a king’s heart to save his kingdom from a terrible fate.

  • Part 11: Affair on the Concordant Express
    Obtain information from a stranger traveling aboard an interplanar train.

  • Part 12: Party at Paliset Hall
    Snatch a diamond from an archmage in the Feywild.

  • Part 13: Fire and Darkness 
    Wrest the Book of Vile Darkness from an efreeti and his lackeys.

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