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Join Us for a Legendary Celebration:
D&D 50th Anniversary with TableMinis!

A Weekend of Unforgettable Activities Await!

1 & 2 June, 11am-10pm
@ TableMinis Studio, 10 Arumugam Road
#08-02 Singapore 409957

TableMinis Dragon's Jubilee Bash


Celebrate D&D 50th Anniversary with TableMinis Dragon’s Jubilee Bash!
An exhilarating celebration of all things Dungeons & Dragons!


Dive into two days of epic quests, thrilling challenges, and immersive experiences
that will ignite your passion for tabletop gaming!


Join the excitement at the Dungeon: Lost Cavern of Tsojcanth Epic Quest Table
Where 21 teams go head-to-head in a battle for glory, while participants test their luck at the TableMinis.


Lucky Draw for a chance to win exciting prizes when you challenge each station!
Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of
local acoustic bands (4pm daily)
as they serenade you with soulful tunes.


Unleash your creativity at the Diorama Drama and Palette Quest stations,
and embark on artistic battles in
Dungeons and DRAWgons.


With many other activities like Photobooth Station,
Creators' Marketplace, Cosplay Competition*, and Tarot & Astrology Reading,
there’s something for every adventurer at TableMinis Dragon’s Jubilee Bash

Join us for a weekend of adventure, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories!

Come in Cosplay and enter our Cosplay Competition! Claim the coveted title of Champion. 
Cosplay prizes to be won:

•⁠  ⁠1st Place: 11” Glow in the Dark Mimic Plushie

•⁠  ⁠⁠2nd Place: 8” Glow in the Dark Interactive Gelatinous Cube Plushie

•⁠  ⁠⁠3rd Place: 12” Frostmaiden Yeti Tyke Plushie

TableMinis Dragon's Jubilee Bash Activities.png
TableMinis Dragon's Jubilee Bash Event Map
TableMinis D&D 50th Celebration: Dragon's Jubilee Bash Live Games & Shows Schedule

What is the Main Event?

A 2-hour D&D Adventure in
Dungeon: Lost Cavern of Tsojcanth Epic Quest Table

This is a special feature of our 50th anniversary celebration.  
The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth is a 1982 adventure by Gary Gygax for Level 9 characters.

An epic quest filled with danger, mystery, and unimaginable riches
as you join a fellowship of intrepid adventurers in pursuit of the legendary treasures
hidden within the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

Only the most courageous and resourceful adventurers
stand a chance of surviving the trials that await.

Gather your party, hone your skills, and steel your resolve,
for the journey ahead will test your mettle like never before.

Test your courage and strategy.
Your achievements and the treasure you amass will be noted,
and your party will compete against other parties on the leaderboard for a chance
to win fantastic prizes.

  • 🥇 1st Place: 3D Printer Set + 5x 3D-printed Baby Owlbear
    (worth $962.90)

    🥈 2nd Place: Lego Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon's Tale + 5x 3D-printed Baby Beholder (worth $674)

    🥉 3rd Place: D&D Replicas of the Realms: Vecna Statue + 5x 3D-printed Vecna miniature (worth $374)

  • The winning teams will be announced at the end of the whole event (2nd June) 

How to Join TableMinis
Dragon's Jubilee Bash Weekend?

How to Join TableMinis
Dragon's Jubilee Bash Weekend?

Sign Up as a Party of 5 Adventurers:
Get an Epic Pass ($250 per group)

Gather your closest comrades and embark on the adventure together!
Explore the Dungeon and all our ticketed activities together,
and create unforgettable memories with your fellow party!

Epic Pass Benefits:
  • Include Activity Passes for all 5 adventurers, providing access to experience
    each ticketed activity station once
  • 2-hour D&D Adventure in Dungeon: Lost Cavern of Tsojcanth Epic Quest Table 


Entry Options for Individual Adventurers:
Get an Activity Pass ($25 per pax)

Can't gather a party of 5? Send out a search request in our Discord Server:

If you can't find a party, no worries!
Everyone is welcome to join the festivities for free with walk-in entry.

Get an Activity Pass on the day to enjoy our ticketed activity stations.
Tickets at the Door.

Note: Free walk-in entry grants access to the event grounds and general festivities.

Activity Pass is required for participation in individual ticketed activity stations.

Same-Day Epic Pass Upgrade:

Found fellow adventurers to party up on the day to join the 2-hour D&D Adventure?
Upgrade to our Epic Pass on the day itself!

The Epic Pass upgrade option is available for adventurers looking to take their experience
to the next level and join the 2-hour event-exclusive Epic Table.
Previously purchased Activity Passes are non-refundable
and cannot be applied towards the Epic Pass upgrade fee.

Sign Up For An Epic Pass
Choose Your Preferred Epic Game Date & Timeslot:

See you @ TableMinis Studio for
an exciting weekend of celebration! 

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