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Friday Evening or Saturday Afternoon



The Workshop Watches (Register Interest!)

The Workshop Watchers is written and published by MCDM's Arcadia Magazine. This amazing one-shot adventure promises an intriguing story with beguiling encounters and a fantastical plot. This is seriously high-quality D&D. $35 per person 5 Slots only

The Workshop Watches (Register Interest!)
The Workshop Watches (Register Interest!)

Time & Location

Friday Evening or Saturday Afternoon

Singapore, 10 Arumugam Rd, #08-02 A, Singapore 409957

About the Event

This is a Published Module from MCDM Arcadia 1


Game style: Investigation, Mystery & Combat

Combat: Moderate & Hard

Roleplaying: High

Intrigue: High

Types of Players Needed: Experienced Players Only!

Character Level: 5

Races: All are welcome


The Workshop Watchers 

Where science meets magic in D&D 

For Level 5 characters

This one-shot is packed tightly with many avenues of exploration, combat and player interactions. You the adventurer will be thrust into an inexplicable scenario, which your party and you will have to investigate, deliberate and solve.

The task at hand will be challenging, however with your collective deductive abilities, the story will unfold with plenty of oohs and ahs as you traverse the location collecting clues. Combat will be challenging and will test your skills and tactics as a group. It will also be very fun!

Due to the nature of high-level gameplay required to complete this within the timeframe and to navigate the adventure difficulty - We think this is best for Experience Players only.

If you are confident as a role-player, who can navigate your level 5 character mechanics well and want to have a great story adventure, this session is made for you.

Come and experience an Extraordinary Adventure by MCDM.


Game Length: 3.5hrs

No of Sessions: 1

No. of Players: 5 Slots

Gameplay Dates: TBC

Location: TableMinis Studio

The price is $35 for this 3.5-hour game.

Includes D&D Beyond Resource Access (Upon Request)


Here are the Character Requirements

Level Cap: Level 5 Characters only

Character Parameters: PHB, XGtE, TCoE, VGtM

Classes: Base + Artificier + Bloodhunter

Magic Item Allowance: 2 common + 1 Uncommon

Backgrounds: All allowed

Stats Generator: Point Buy

Races Allowed: All Races Allow


Please inquire if you have more questions!

We are very happy to answer all of them!

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