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Spelljammer Academy: Cadet Training (Register Interest)

Get aboard this D&D in Space Beginner Adventure! Start your training at the academy as cadets. Train and explore onboard space-faring ships. Face down terrors, and graduate full honours as Spelljammers. 5+1 Sessions Beginner Friendly $30 per session ($180 per)

Spelljammer Academy: Cadet Training (Register Interest)
Spelljammer Academy: Cadet Training (Register Interest)

Time & Location

Time is TBD

TableMinis Studio, 10 Arumugam Rd, #08-02 A, Singapore 409957

About the Event

This is a published Adventure from Wizards of the Coast. 

Will take you from Level 1 to Level 4.


Game style: Training School Role-playing with some Combat.

Combat: Medium

Roleplay: High

Starting Character: Level 1

Playstyle: Role-playing, exploration, and fun-loving.

Players Wanted: All types!

Very Beginner Friendly


This is an introductory adventure for all who want to explore deep space in a D&D setting. It provides a backdrop of your character gaining knowledge, training, and expertise in space-faring.

As new recruits, you are put through the work in gaining the skills and aptitude. You will meet your instructors, develop bonds with your crewmates and help around the space station.

This adventure will take you from the humble training centers in the academy to flying and exploring multiple ships and the test of exploring a planet with a key mission.

Lots of Role-playing moments and some action mixed in. 

For those interested in a new D&D setting and or really like space stuff - come take your first step into interstellar Wildspace travel!


This is a Live Play @ Studio

No. of Sessions: 1 Session Zero (Character Creation) + 5 Gameplay Sessions

Dates: TBC

Days: TBC

Time: TBC

Location: TableMinis Studio

Price: $30 per session 

Price Total: $180 per player


For more details, you can reach us at TableMinis Hotline 8884 0350

We are very happy to answer all your questions!

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