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TableMinis Studio

Spelljammer Academy: Behold H’Catha (Register Interest!)

Tasked with retrieving a meteorite from H’Catha, a derelict tyrant ship, a sad tragedy, and a betrayal. Things cannot get more intense, and a lot has happened. Put on those space boots, get the package, get off the planet and return to the academy! Part 4 of the Spelljammer Academy Series. $30 Per.

Spelljammer Academy: Behold H’Catha (Register Interest!)

Time & Location

Let us know your preferred schedule!

TableMinis Studio, 6 Ubi Rd 1, #07-13 Wintech Center, Singapore 408726

About the Event

Spelljammer Academy: Behold H’Catha is a published Adventure from Wizards of the Coast. 

Adventure League Compatible. SJA-04


Game style: Light-hearted & silly.

Combat: Medium

Roleplay: High

Starting Character Level: 4

Playstyle: Role-playing, exploration, and fun-loving.

Players Wanted: All types!


Come and spend the evening, exploring more of what Spelljammer has to offer. This Military grade series will take you in and out of Realmspace. Learn the ropes of helming a Spelljammer. Train with other cadets and go on missions!

This light-hearted mini-campaign will take you through 4 adventures in total.

The mission has gone awry, and things need sorting - you and your crew will have to pull it together. The goal is straightforward: slip past the planet’s defenses, find the meteorite, and bring it back to Spelljammer Academy. 

Easy does it!


This is a Live Play @ Studio One-Shot Adventure.

No. of Sessions:

Price: $30 per player.


Let us know when is your preferred schedule. 

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