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TableMinis May Updates

May is here, and we are just getting started. With more events coming your way, we are kicking off the month with "Workshop: Learn to D&D". Here we provide a wonderful journey into all aspects of the world's greatest RPG game. We will follow up with that some D&D game nights we begin hosting towards the end of May.

Outside of that, we are launching our second Experience Event, Icarus.

Come and play Icarus with us, where 5 players will collaboratively build a city together, just to tear it down with political agendas. It's a damn fun game, so come explore!

Last but not least, we are anxiously and desperately preparing for our own TTRPG game just for kids between 5 to 12-year-old.

If you have kids, nieces or nephews who you would like to introduce to story-telling, adventuring and corporative problem-solving - do drop us a message!

The theme for this Epic Kids Adventure will be empathy. Give them a chance to solve the Beast of Kapase Hills, come the June School Holidays.

So please, come visit, check our Instagram regularly and continue being great people, spreading love and joy all around!

See you soon!


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