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MTG's Murders At Karlov Manor Combines Magic And Murder

Murders at Karlov Manor (MKM), Magic: the Gathering’s upcoming set, takes players back to Ravnica where a series of gruesome murders has set the city into panic. It is up to Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth to investigate the nine prime suspects, Deduce and Demand Answers from them, and eventually investigate the clues to unmask the true perpetrator. Along the way, he’ll receive some help from some Meddling Youths, Curious Cadaver, and even The Law Above.

MKM sees the return of the “Investigate” keyword, which generates Clue tokens when triggered. These artifact tokens can be sacrificed for two mana to draw a card, but clues are often vital to any investigation. 

And who else makes better use of these clues than the Detectives from The Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations? The “Detective” creature types make a return from the Doctor Who set, giving you great ways to investigate and generate clue tokens. Some Detectives can make better use of these clues than your average citizen, often giving you more than just a single card draw.

Additionally, a new mechanic called “Disguise” was teased in a sneak peek, although not much is known except that it interacts with face-down cards. Commander players might have some cool interactions with the existing “Morph” and “Manifest” keywords since they can create face-down cards and creatures.

Lastly, "Battalion" makes a pseudo-return with some red-white cards, adding value when three or more creatures attack, basic landcycling will return in some form, and a new enchantment subtype called "Case" will be this set's thematic keyword entry, though not much of it has been revealed.

New Year, New Changes

Starting from Murders at Karlov Manor, booster packs have now been merged! Previously sold as draft boosters and set boosters, this set will see them combined into the Play Booster. These add a few more rares into each pack, giving you more choices in limited play while adding more excitement to opening new booster packs.

Play Boosters also give you an opportunity to open some new unique borders, and what better way to investigate your suspects than with a dossier of their persons: Invisible Ink Dossier Cards turns your cards into investigative files that reveal cryptic clues with the right angle of light. These holographic cards also come with some flavour-text written by the detective of the hour, Alquist Proft. Showcase Magnified cards decorate these new cards with a magnifying glass, a crucial tool for any self-respecting detective.

Exclusive to Collector Boosters, Seven Guild Leaders in Ravnica were given some unique treatment, with their card frames being replaced with buildings from the city of Ravnica. You can find them in serialised showcase card frames, each having only 250 copies of these special art.


With a murder mystery set, CLUE (or CLUEDO to some) returns with a new Ravnica twist! Ravnica: Clue edition takes the classic murder mystery board game and merges it with MTG, removing the game board outright. This standalone edition of CLUE takes characters and turns them into MTG creatures with a reworked Ravnica design, such as Senator Peacock or Commander Mustard. Similarly, the evidence cards are now in the form of MTG cards, turning them into cards from the MKM set. Solve a case, and you might get a shock land as your reward!


The set will launch on 9th February, and card previews will begin on 16th January, revealing more about this set and what to expect from this thrilling return to Ravnica. Pre-order your Murders at Karlov Manor play boosters below!


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