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Will confirm when enough participants


TableMinis Studio

Workshop: Improv for D&D

Learn the basics of Improv using D&D as a foundation. Advance a scene, tilt the status quo and escalate your party of adventurers into a deeper-more immersive story and narrative. At the studio. Price is $40 for two and a half hours of pure awesomeness.

Workshop: Improv for D&D
Workshop: Improv for D&D

Time & Location

Will confirm when enough participants

TableMinis Studio, 6 Ubi Rd 1, #07-13 Wintech Center, Singapore 408726

About the Event

Improv for D&D is designed and guided by DM Mellow. 

He is a TableMinis Dungeon Master, a comedy sketch writer and a passionate practitioner of Improv.


This workshop is great for:

  • all you role-players who want to improve how you role-play your characters
  • DM's who want to get better at role-playing NPC's
  • Everyone who says "I am bad at role-playing"

Here you will learn the foundational principles of improv, with them you will practice to incorporating them into scenes, prompt more fun and establish interesting scenes with your party.

It will also give you some confidence as well as a safe space to practice being someone else. We promise a great time, with lots of laughter, learning and also maybe a chance to make some new friends.

This workshop does not need any prior acting, D&D or TTRPG experience. 

So bring a friend if you want.


Workshop Details

Location: TableMinis Studio

No of Participants: 8 Slots

Price per participant: $40


Please let us know if you have any further questions.

You can reach us at 88840350 (TableMinis Hotline)

We are more than happy to answer all of them!

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